Carestay Medical Offers a Complete Solution for Long Term Care

Understanding the unique needs of patients and families

24 Hour physician support

Our patient care is backed by a 24 hour support from resident doctors, as well as ready access to all medical specialists. In addition, we have back up diagnostic and treatment facilities in house.

24 hour nursing care

We provide one nurse for every 2 patients, to ensure adequate attention to the patient's medical and personal needs. There is appropriate care taken of every patient under proper observation.

Safety and Security

Patients stay in a safe and secure environment. We provide a Personal Care Attendant for every patient for 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. We ensure healthy and safe surroundings.

Constant Connectivity

We are fully leverage communication technology and provide video calling services whenever desired. We also have digital IP cameras that allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones at all times.

Patients Suitable For CareStay Medical

Assisted living In CareStay Medical In CareStay Medical
  • Elderly patients, specially those with chronic disease or disability
  • Patients with dementia, paralysis, or psychological problems
  • Patients with Advanced Cancer
  • Patients recovering from stroke
  • Patients recovering from orthopaedic procedures or fractures
Patients suitable for CareStay Medical

Why choose us

The best doctors in Delhi

We have always been home to the best doctors in Delhi, in all medical and surgical specialties.

A long history of caring

Sama Nursing Home has a 30 year history of caring for the medical needs of the community, including care of old age patients

A commitment to care

We are committed to delivering the best quality care in old age homes, long term care, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilites.

24/7 medical backup

As a part of Sama Hospital, we have access to all medical facilities and staff, which is a critical part of our service offering, and not available in the majority of old age homes and nursing care facilities.

Centrally located in the heart of South Delhi

Our location and easy accessibility makes visitations easy.  In addition, we are within 2 kilometers from the best hospitals in Delhi, including National Heart Institute, Max Hospital, Mool Chand Hospital.

Unique offering

Our facility provides a unique combination of old age home care, with advanced medical facilities close at hand. This allows us to care for our patients in various stages of their illness, ranging from help with daily living to ICU level care.

Who we are

We have been dedicated to the profession of medical care for the past 32 years. Our parent, Sama Healthcare, has a reputation for ethical and professional healthcare delivery. Most importantly, we have always been home to the best doctors in Delhi. CareStay Medical is an extension of our commitment to the care of our community. We started CareStay Medical in response to an ever increasing demand from our patients for a care model that bridges intensive hospital care and home care, and caters to patients that need care over long periods.

Our Services

Long term care In CareStay Medical

Long Term Care

Long term hospital care is a complete solution for care of patients suffering from medical conditions that require them to be treated

Senior Care In CareStay Medical

Senior care

Old age is a challenging phase of life, specially when complicated by disease or disability. Children living away from home often face huge difficulty

Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Palliative Care or Hospice Care is specialized medical care for patients living with a serious illness. This type of care is focused on relief from the

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Care stories

Read comments from some of our patients

We have been privileged to have been able to help a number of patients for their long term care, or that of their parents. Please take a moment to read the comments below…

long term care In CareStay Medical
Thank you

I record my deep appreciation for the long term medical/nursing care treatment provided to my 87 year old mother at Sama Hospital for over 9 months. The personal attention given by the entire team of duty doctors, nurses, attendants and the Admin Coordinator helped her rejuvenate after Septicaemic shock, beyond our own expectations. Thanks to Dr Vivek Sama, his caring team and quite clean environment in the hospital, my mother is now back at home, taking normal home food and at her usual self.

Mr. S. C. Arora, Eask of Kailash, New Delhi

Mr. S. C. Arora, Eask of Kailash, New Delhi

New Delhi, India

Thank you!

Thank you to the staff and doctors at Sama Hospital. I have been most satisfied with the complete care given to my father. He has been under your care since the age of 92, five years ago. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for your service. It was a boon for our family. Thank you.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan

Dr. Harsh Vardhan

New York, U.S.

Always grateful

The CareStay Medical initiative of SAMA Hospital is a beacon providing critical healthcare, personal touch and an outstanding environment. I have personally experienced the warmth, medical attention to detail and clinical expertise rendered to my 92 year old mother. I have nothing but praise for the excellent home-away-from-home atmosphere extended by the hospital’s long serving team of doctors, nurses and non-technical staff. I highly recommended to anyone looking for a familial yet state-of-the-art Long Term Care facility.

Amitabh Sharma

Amitabh Sharma

Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.)

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