About CareStay

CareStay Medical was founded as an extension of Sama Hospital in 2013 in response to the growing need for elderly care services in India.  Since our inception, we have provided long term care to several patients with dementia, senile dementia, paralytic disorders, chronic pulmonary disease, and orthopaedic disorders.

Many seniors were in need of constant nursing care and supervision, and several had no local family support available.

In a short span of time, CareStay Medical has grown into a brand that is trusted by families for elder and dementia care, those with chronic disorders, and as an old age home.

Our MissionTo provide individualised long term medical and nursing care to the elderly and those with chronic illness or disability, in a manner that meets the needs and desires of patients and their families.

Our MissionTo set a new standard of quality in elderly care, old age homes, hospice care, and palliative care.

Our Facilities

Sama Hospital, located in the heart of South Delhi on 8 Siri Fort Road, has dedicated 8 beds to the care of the elderly, patients in need of long term rehabilitation, and those require palliative care. Long term care patients benefit from the constant presence of resident doctors, nurses, and attendants at Sama Hospital, and also from the availability of specialist doctors as required.

This facility is ideally suited for patient recovering from major medical events such as a paralytic stroke, or patients with advanced cancer that require palliative care.

The Sama Hospital facility has single rooms as well as shared rooms for those seeking a more economic model.

This facility is located next door to Sama Hospital, and is connected to the hospital building. The facility is a two bedroom apartment with living room, kitchen and bathrooms.& nbsp; The apartment is self sufficient, but again benefits from the close proximity to the hospital. Dedicated nursing care and daily medical visits are provided at the facility as required.

This facility is ideal as an old age home, specially when regular medical care is critical for the occupant.

Why Choose Us


We are available at your service 24/7. Long term care medical staff and nursing staff is available 24/7 for the patient’s care.


At Long term care, our professional nursing staff is available 24/7 to take care of the patient.


Long term care assures you that all the patients who are under our supervision, will be living in safe and healthy environment.


Our team of expert doctors, specialists, nursing staff and medical staff aims at providing superior care to our patients.


Long term care is the best healthcare service provider for elderly who need constant nursing care and who don’t have any local family support.


Long term care use all the latest and modern technology for treatments and special care needed for.