Long Term Hospital Care

Long-term hospital care is a complete solution for the care of patients suffering from medical conditions that require them to be treated in a hospital setting for long periods, 25 days or more.

This form of medical care applies to patients with chronic illnesses, elderly patients, and those with mental or physical disability, for whom home care is impractical and extremely strenuous for the family.


Many of our patients are in transition from an ICU setting to a home setting. They are transferred from a traditional hospital ICU because they do not require the intensive investigations or invasive monitoring any longer. In these situations, CareStay Medical provides a more appropriate and cost effective alternative.

Your loved one gets all the facilities that you find in a typical hospital. These include 24-hour physician support, Nursing Care, and Path Lab facilities. Along with these, Radio-diagnostics including X-ray and ultrasound, Pulmonary Function Tests, Physiotherapy, ECHO cardiogram, ECG, etc. are also available.

You’ll find that specialists in every field visit our hospital on a daily basis. From Cardiology to Neurology, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, and all other clinical specialties. You get treatment from the best doctors of delhi.

Besides that, your loved one gets specialized services in Geriatric Medicine as well. Led by physicians that specialize in the care of the elderly, you can always stay assured.

Which Patients Are Suitable For Long Term Care?

Why Choose Us


We are available at your service 24/7. Long term care medical staff and nursing staff is available 24/7 for the patient’s care.


At Long term care, our professional nursing staff is available 24/7 to take care of the patient.


Long term care assures you that all the patients who are under our supervision, will be living in safe and healthy environment.


Our team of expert doctors, specialists, nursing staff and medical staff aims at providing superior care to our patients.


Long term care is the best healthcare service provider for elderly who need constant nursing care and who don’t have any local family support.


Long term care use all the latest and modern technology for treatments and special care needed for.

Long-Term Acute Care Hospital

Looking for an elder care hospital in Delhi? You have come to the right place. Located in the heart of South Delhi, Care Stay Medical brings one of the best services for elder-care. We offer a multitude of medical treatments and caring options, including Long Term Acute Care. We offer Long Term Acute Care to help patients with complex medical conditions.

What are LTACs?

Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTAC Hospitals) are more than just medical nursing homes. They are hospitals designed to treat patients with complex and serious illnesses for a longer period of time. These hospitals offer a higher level of treatment for a particular set of conditions than nursing homes.

LTAC Hospital by Care Stay Medical

Care Stay Medical, an initiative of the Sama Healthcare, also provides Long Term Acute Care hospital facilities. Sama Hospital is a Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) Hospital to provide your loved ones with the best treatment available for their illnesses. The Care Stay Medical Team at our LTAC unit focuses on treating long-term diseases, injuries, and illnesses. We provide a range of treatments for elders and that’s what makes us one of the best elder care hospitals in Delhi. Our aim has always been to help our patients make a full recovery from the disease and live as normally as possible.

Our LTAC Hospital is much-like an ICU and even better in terms of facilities we provide. We have physicians, radiologists, dermatologists, dieticians, physical and speech therapists, laboratory and nursing staff available 24/7 to look after our patients. Our LTAC Hospital provides specialized care to those who need more advanced recovery options than those available in a traditional hospital setting. Our focus on critical care is why you should choose Care Stay Medical for any of your loved ones.

Each Patient Is Different

We know that your loved one may have different needs than our other patients. And, therefore, we create specialized personal care plans for each one of our patients. For better recovery of our patients, we make sure we also include a therapy regimen in the patient care plan along with individualized diet routines. The therapies we provide may be physical, occupational, speech, or even respiratory according to the needs of our patients. Not only these, but we also have a great set-up complete with all the facilities for anyone who requires long-term acute care. Our team of nurses, therapists, doctors, and professionals has been specially trained in this area of treatment.

We realize that each of our patients is different and that he/she may require a different time to recover. This is why we don’t require our patients to stay in the Long Term Acute Care Hospital for a fixed amount of time. If you choose Care Stay Medical for your elder, the time of their stay at the facility will depend on their condition and pace of recovery.

If you have a loved one who needs long-term acute care or if you want to know what the best possible treatment option would be, reach out to us or give us a call.